Code of Conduct
Privacy Statement

TEAM Code of Conduct


TEAM recognises the responsibility which is given to us by our clients and candidates.

Our consultants acknowledge the trust that is shown in us, to manage each important and sensitive recruitment assignment and career move.

Successful recruitment is achieved through the harmonious matching of the requirements and benefits of an organisation with candidate skills and expectations.

TEAM undertakes to fulfil these responsibilities with honesty, integrity, skill, thoroughness, reliability and confidentiality, respecting the interests of both clients and candidates, by carefully managing all information.

TEAM's Code of Ethical Practice also ensures its consultants act in a professional and ethical manner, protecting both clients' and candidates' interests, and maintaining our commitment to a high standard of service and recruitment excellence.


  • Consultants must act in a professional manner with conduct conducive to achieving TEAM's organisational objectives; the ethical and professional service to clients and candidates. Any conflict of interest must be clarified.
  • TEAM's terms of business must be clearly communicated to the client, as specified in our "Fee Schedule", prior to the transacting of any business.
  • Consultants are guided by a duty of care, to clients and candidates in conducting the recruitment and consulting service.
  • Consultants must not deceive or misrepresent clients or candidates. This includes divulging all information to clients pertaining to a candidate's employability, and not withholding information that may be unfavourable. Candidates must be allowed to make an informed decision, based on consultants providing all available information.
  • Information gained through the course of business transactions must not be revealed to third parties.
  • Consultants are expected to protect the confidentiality and privacy of its clients and candidates, at all times.
  • Consultants must ensure that candidate details are not released to clients, without gaining prior consent from the candidate.
  • Consultants must adhere to current labour law polices and practices in the jurisdiction of Australia; including but not limited to; The Workplace Relations Act 1996, The Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985, Statutes governing anti-discrimination, equal opportunity, affirmative action, sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.
  • Both parties, clients and candidates are to be kept informed during the recruitment process.
  • Candidates are to be given feedback following interviews with clients in a manner that is sensitive and empathetic. Appropriate counselling or constructive criticism is also to be given to candidates when necessary.
  • Candidates are not to be placed without the completion of a minimum of 2 verbal reference checks, with the last 2 positions that the candidate was employed in.
  • Headhunting candidates previously placed by TEAM is unethical and is an instant dismissal offence.
  • Consultants must act in accordance with the National Privacy Principles established in the Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000.
  • Consultants must also operate in conjunction with guidelines from the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA).